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Executive Coaching Program 

Designed for mid to senior-level executives, this program is designed to help you take your effectiveness to the next level by:

        • Enhancing your leadership skills
        • Building a Strengths-based Team
        • Mastering Personal Productivity


Life Coaching Program 

        • Managing career or life transitions
        • Stress Management
        • Time Management


Thrive at College Coaching Program 

Designed primarily for first and second year college students.  While anxious to move away from home and live independently, many college students benefit from coaching as they transition to full independence. Having someone, other than a parent, to provide guidance and accountability strongly increases the chances for a great college experience.


        • Adapting to living as an independent adult
        • Improving study habits and time management skills
        • Managing interpersonal relationships


Leadership Development Coaching Program

"Becoming the Leader that People Want to Follow"

Designed for managers or for individual contributors wishing to strengthen their influence skills, the Leadership Development Coaching Program helps you become the leader people WANT to follow by:

        • Thinking strategically                               
        • Honing your communication skills           
        • Developing the Art of Influence               
        • Understanding Organizational Dynamics
        • Enhancing Personal Productivity 


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