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The Masterpiece Executive Coaching Program is a fully customizable program that may include personal and/or team assessments, individual coaching, and team coaching. The program consists of three phases.  During the first phase, Assessment and Planning, the program goals and components are established and documented in a Statement of Work.  The second phase, Execution, consists of coaching for the executive and, optionally, his/her team.  Outside training may also be recommended during this period.  The final phase, Results Evaluation, includes post-coaching assessments and ROI evaluation.


Assessment and Planning

Pre-coaching assessments are performed to establish a baseline and determine appropriate action plans.  These assessments may be done for the executive only or may include some, or all, of the broader organization. Our assessment certifications include the Winslow Dynamics Profile, a Class B assessment measuring 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment, and the Center for Creative Leadership Benchmark 360.  Alternatively, existing organizational benchmarks and/or interview style assessments may be used. At a minimum, the Masterpiece team will meet with the client’s direct manager for feedback, agreements and commitments.


Based on the assessments and feedback, Masterpiece will meet with the client and sponsor to establish coaching goals and design a customized program to meet these goals.  If appropriate, coaching of the leader’s team may be provided in addition to individual coaching of the leader.  Once the program design has been established, pricing, duration and other contract elements will be established and reviewed and ROI measurements will be determined.  Confidentiality agreements are an essential element of the coaching engagement and will be clearly detailed. Initial coaching agreement durations are typically six to twelve months. 



Details of the execution phase are determined during the assessment and planning phase.  The execution phase typically includes 2 – 3 individual coaching sessions per month.  Sessions may be 60 – 120 minutes in length and may be conducted in person or via telephone or videoconference. All coaching is performed using a Solutions-Focused Coaching approach as taught by the University of Texas at Dallas Professional and Executive Coaching program. Shadow coaching and/or team coaching are often included as elements of the execution phase.  Team coaching may be done on an individual and/or group basis. Additionally, based on identified needs, outside training may be recommended to build needed skills and competencies. 


Periodic calibrations will be performed during the execution phase to ensure that desired progress is being achieved.  These calibrations may include additional benchmark assessments, interviews with colleagues and managers, and coach feedback.  At a minimum, progress will be assessed on a quarterly basis.  If desired, the duration of the execution phase may be extended via an addendum to the initial contract.


Results Evaluation

The results evaluation phase provides the opportunity to observe and celebrate the dramatic changes achieved through your coaching engagement.  These results are demonstrated via post-coaching assessments and interviews similar to those performed in the initial assessment and planning phase. A final debrief is then performed with the client and his/her manager and a written report is provided.

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